A Busy day for M

Today is a good day to start a blog about what the kids are doing because yesterday was a particularly busy day for M. She was sleeping in our room, so when Al and I woke up she did as well. It is nice when that happens sometimes as we usually lay in bed and listen to Big Toe Books on Radio 7. That is on from 7 am to 8 am on weekdays, and there are loads of stories being told in bits. A nice way to break in the day, if you have to break it in that early.

We lay there listening, and doing hidden picture puzzles, and Sudoku with C who decided to join us. Now, I often get up before the kids, and have an hour or so to myself before really beginning the day. But if we start off the day together, M thinks the whole day is going to be all about doing things with her. Which would be nice if I were not getting older and more tired by the day. :-)

We did however, manage rather a lot. After breakfast we were going through some things crafty and decided to dye some of the yarn that Martine got us for Christmas. M choose her colours, red, purple and pink, and we used all of the dye doing two hanks.

I don't think it turned out the way she wanted, as she still expected it to look like it did as she put the dye on, but after it was rinsed, she got excited again.

It is currently hanging around drying. But I have a few other projects on the go, so I don't know when we are going to get around to making anything with it.

Later on we did some Roman stuff. M and C were watching a schools program about the Romans and Celts, and M was quite taken with it. She decided to do a project on the Romans. This has been going on for about 3 weeks so far. She has a few books from the library as well as several that I had on the shelves just waiting for somebody to take an interest. :-)

She is writing her project using Microsoft Publisher, so she is learning some IT as well. Most of what she is writing is just being copied from the books, but as she talks about it later, I know she is retaining a lot of info.

Anyway, she had been telling them about it at Brownies, so she wanted to share it with them at Brownies last night. To prepare for this, she had made a little Roman man. I don't know where the idea came from, but she made this little man using scrunched up newspaper, and tin foil, and painted him. He is a rather delicate man. ;-)

So yesterday we made him a tunic, cloak and sandals. M did quite a bit of sewing.

And C added some crochet as he made belt for his tunic using real wool.

And the I crocheted him some sandals, as I wasn't quite prepared to get out the leather working stuff for a tin foil man whose pink skin was already flaking off. :-)

Then M got dressed up as well. She just used one of C's old Anglo Saxon tunics, and an old bit of wool I have been saving to make her a Viking cloak. Plus she is wearing the Roman bulla, or good luck charm, that she made out of baked clay stuff. And here they are.

Apparently she enjoyed Brownies, but there wasn't enough time for everybody to colour in the mosaic pictures she took for them. So that is something to look forward to. :-)

We also managed to fit in a trip to the osteopath for M. She isn't having any problems, just getting her checked out because of all of her bumps and tumbles. There was also a trip to the doctor's for me, as my ear has been bothering me for ages. Apparently I have glue ear, and at the age of 41, may need grommets! No comment.


  1. I keep wishing I had more time to do all those things. You make it sound all so organised and inspiring. You can let the LEa read your blog instead of a report:-)
    speak soon, much love M

  2. That thought had crossed my mind. But since I will probably be posting about the horrible days as well, I don't think so.

    The thing is, I don't feel like I do much of anything with Casey and Maggie. I just take them to stuff. So I am trying to keep a record, and hopefully prove to myself that I am not the crappy mother I sometimes think I am.

    Can't decide if I should lower my standards, or raise my expectations?
    Love J x

  3. Sounds to me like you do tons of stuff - omg you certainly put me to shame! I use my blog as my portfolio here (we have to register in Alberta but we also get funding here for homeschooling which is a bonus considering even though we register we don't actually have to do anything much if we're traditional - you can still unschool) but I haven't updated much lately because with birthdays and everything ad the house being renovated I've been too stressed or tired to do anything much....


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