Monday, 25 May 2009

M has been busy

M is definitely a doer. She wants to be doing something all the time. I have gotten a bit of my energy back, and have started some things with her, but I think she expects me to play catch-up and make all the things we have missed out on! I reckon one project a day is good enough, and any others she can do on her own, or con somebody else into!

I got a craft book from the library, and she wants to do everything in it. We have managed to make some chocolate and vanilla shortbread swirls. Of, course it did take us 2 days to get around to it because we were so busy doing other things. And I promised her we would get them made on Friday, which she reminded me of at 9:30 pm! We had just sat down with R and C to watch Tommy, because I believe 70's rock opera to be an important part of their musical education. At least I got to watch the 2nd half, with a nice cup of tea and a shortbread swirl. :-)

She is also doing some experiments with her dad. Water density, semi permeable membranes, etc. Eggs play a significant part in these.

And using her creativity to dress up like a Pokemon she has made up for a Pokemon birthday party. She was Achoo, a snot Pokemon who has Sneeze Attack, Snot Attack, and bogey Attack. The costume was easy, green Tshirt, big sister''s green tights, and green facepaint. :-)
C made a giant red R and we pinned it to his shirt so he was on Team Rocket, and then he wore a purple beanie cap as a wig, so he would look like he had purple hair. And the party was great!

We also managed to finally plant out a hanging basket.

And C's potatoes are doing really well, except for the aphids. He is mostly consumed with making plans for his birthday soon. He turns 13 soon, and is just a little bit excited. :-)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Crafty stuff

I found myself at Hobbycraft recently. I really could spend a lot of money in there! But I stuck to my list (almost). I got some Origami paper and some cheap acrylic in colours for R, C and me to do some amigurumi.

I had planned on organizing some Origami activities, but as soon as the kids saw the paper, they got started. The thing I am most impressed with is C can now make the Crane from memory. It takes me ages to make the crane! Plus M and I have been trying to make these Sumo shapes, which you are supposed to be able to use for a game. You put two sumos on an upturned cardboard box, and bounce the box by tapping on it, until one of the Sumos falls over or out. Unfortunately, the Sumos that M and I made didn't have heads. C's did, but we still can't figure out where we went wrong.

Of course, all of this origami also means that I am having to shift cranes and boxes, and flowers and flapping birds, from the sofa and the floor all the time! And I am not really complaining about all the money I spent on origami paper just so people could sit or stand on it! Ok, so I am.

R has nearly finished a wonderful Amigurumi pig - she just has to add the eyes and then I will get a photo up. We also got some black furry eyelash yarn so she could do the coal creatures from Spirited Away. I am trying to do a little teddy, but keep getting distracted by knitting for the baby instead. :-) And C has a Ninja Turtle he wants to start. I got the greens he needs from Hobbycraft, so all he needs is time and motivation now. But he has been distracted by lots of good books from the library, including one on drawing Manga Martial Arts.

It does rather seem that we are doing all sorts of Japanese stuff. Perhaps I should call it a unit study. :-)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Actually doing things!

I am actually beginning to feel less sick and bit better, so am obviously wearing myself out trying to do everything that I haven't been able to do recently. :-)

I took M to the Portland Basin Museum yesterday. I have known about that place for years and always thought, 'We'll have to go there someday.' Yesterday I finally made it, thanks to another home edder organizing a Victorian School Day there. It was FAB!

There was a woman who dressed up and acted like a school teacher, and the kids all had to line up and have their hands and hair and boots checked. And they had to sit up at attention and write on a slate, etc. M loved it.

Here they are saying their prayers....

And here are M and J, who appears to have had enough of school after 15 minutes! :-)

Then there was lots of dressing up in Victorian clothes...

And playing in the shops that the museum have set up like a Victorian street. Here is the grocer's...

And the pub...

And the chippy...

And a house...

Then there was a lot more dressing up in 1920's style clothes in other parts of the museum. I think M wants me to make her a flapper outfit now. I don't know how long I will be able to convince her that I know everything if she insists I follow through on this demand...

It was a lovely day. And we really enjoyed having time together, which she rarely gets, being the youngest. We even went crazy and had sandwiches in the cafe. :-)

In fact, she loved it so much, that I bought her a slate from the gift shop, and have had to play Victorian School Ma'am ever since. I don't think she has ever done as much writing as she has done on that slate in the past couple of days!

And last night, I had to giver her another lesson, and when I tried to end the game by saying the mill whistle had blown and she had to get to work, she took me at my word and did some carding and spinning. Well, I say spinning... but we were using a drop spindle, and there was a lot of 'Can you reattach this for me?

All in all, a very successful day. I feel worthy of parenthood, for a brief while at least, and I slept well.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

What is normal?

I have been feeling really crap with morning sickness at all times of the night and day, which means I have been doing very little with the kids, other than taking them to various activities, and playing games. Which is enough sometimes. But I am 16 weeks now, and I think the sickness is beginning to wear off, in spite of me being sick while we were in Cyprus, and twice since we got home in the wee hours of Thursday morning. I have had some tomato and mozzarella salad for breakfast today, which I have been craving for weeks, and seems to do me good. :-)

Anyway, I keep thinking I want to get back to normal. But what the hell is 'normal'? While we were in Cyprus they stayed with Martine and did all sorts of fun things there, which are on her blog. So now, I have all of these ideas of things I want to do with M and C, and they just get pushed to the back because even when I am feeling energetic there are so many activities that we are always on the go. Next week we have regular activities, plus the dentist, plus the osteopath, plus the house being surveyed, plus and art workshop for M, plus a Victorian School Day at the museum in Ashton, so it is going to be a busy week. And I won't have time for the craft activities, or reading, or other things that I would like to do, and I will still be exhausted.

Oh well, if I have the energy, I will get back to doing some knitting and crocheting for the baby, which at the moment looks like this.