What is normal?

I have been feeling really crap with morning sickness at all times of the night and day, which means I have been doing very little with the kids, other than taking them to various activities, and playing games. Which is enough sometimes. But I am 16 weeks now, and I think the sickness is beginning to wear off, in spite of me being sick while we were in Cyprus, and twice since we got home in the wee hours of Thursday morning. I have had some tomato and mozzarella salad for breakfast today, which I have been craving for weeks, and seems to do me good. :-)

Anyway, I keep thinking I want to get back to normal. But what the hell is 'normal'? While we were in Cyprus they stayed with Martine and did all sorts of fun things there, which are on her blog. So now, I have all of these ideas of things I want to do with M and C, and they just get pushed to the back because even when I am feeling energetic there are so many activities that we are always on the go. Next week we have regular activities, plus the dentist, plus the osteopath, plus the house being surveyed, plus and art workshop for M, plus a Victorian School Day at the museum in Ashton, so it is going to be a busy week. And I won't have time for the craft activities, or reading, or other things that I would like to do, and I will still be exhausted.

Oh well, if I have the energy, I will get back to doing some knitting and crocheting for the baby, which at the moment looks like this.


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