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Educational enthusiasm

I like have a child who wakes up in the morning and says, "Yeah! We get to do non-Newtonian Fluid today!"

We have been having a great time over the summer. Regular activities are finished for the summer. We have loads of time. The Wee One and I are reading, making, baking, playing, watching, talking, walking, climbing, and generally being busy. But doing our own things in our own time.

It means we have been learning European and South American countries on maps. And some capital cities. Hanging out at the allotment and making lots of zucchini bread. Having conversations about  all sorts of things. Reading lots of books! (Finally finished The Dragonfly Pool and having a bit of an easy time with some Jacqueline Wilson. Easy reading, but good conversations about why people act the way they do.) She is shopping with me and getting to see what is involved in running this house. (That was something that was really important to me with the other kids but hasn't really been a pa…

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