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Journey to the River Sea

I read this recently to the Wee One and we LOVED it! It is by Eva Ibbotson who I had not heard of in spite of her having been writing for much of the 20th C. What we missed! I managed to find a deal by the Book People and bought three books; Journey to the River Sea, The Dragonfly Pool and the Star of Kazan (the last one being currently read.)

Journey to the River Sea is a story about an orphaned English girl who is taken to the Amazon to live with relatives. She is hoping for a loving family and adventure. She does not find the former but she does experience the latter! Maia falls in love with the rain forest and finds friends in her surprising governess Miss Minton, and a boy called young Finn, who like Maia is orphaned.

The Wee One and I had a lot of conversations about why the characters felt the way the did. Reading aloud can lead to all sorts of discussions. Eva Ibbotson gives a lot of description and the stories are very evocoative of place. One learns a lot and there are plent…

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