Crafty stuff

I found myself at Hobbycraft recently. I really could spend a lot of money in there! But I stuck to my list (almost). I got some Origami paper and some cheap acrylic in colours for R, C and me to do some amigurumi.

I had planned on organizing some Origami activities, but as soon as the kids saw the paper, they got started. The thing I am most impressed with is C can now make the Crane from memory. It takes me ages to make the crane! Plus M and I have been trying to make these Sumo shapes, which you are supposed to be able to use for a game. You put two sumos on an upturned cardboard box, and bounce the box by tapping on it, until one of the Sumos falls over or out. Unfortunately, the Sumos that M and I made didn't have heads. C's did, but we still can't figure out where we went wrong.

Of course, all of this origami also means that I am having to shift cranes and boxes, and flowers and flapping birds, from the sofa and the floor all the time! And I am not really complaining about all the money I spent on origami paper just so people could sit or stand on it! Ok, so I am.

R has nearly finished a wonderful Amigurumi pig - she just has to add the eyes and then I will get a photo up. We also got some black furry eyelash yarn so she could do the coal creatures from Spirited Away. I am trying to do a little teddy, but keep getting distracted by knitting for the baby instead. :-) And C has a Ninja Turtle he wants to start. I got the greens he needs from Hobbycraft, so all he needs is time and motivation now. But he has been distracted by lots of good books from the library, including one on drawing Manga Martial Arts.

It does rather seem that we are doing all sorts of Japanese stuff. Perhaps I should call it a unit study. :-)


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