Saturday morning....

and I am looking back over the week to see if we really have done anything. I am sitting here in my dressing gown, so I feel very lazy, but actually I think we have done a lot.

Monday, of course, was lovely and snowy, so I played in the snow for a bit with C and M, and then went to Bruntwood park to meet up with some other home edders to go sledging! What fun. Should get out to parks more often. I know we used to all the time with S and R, but have gotten out of the habit as they grew up.

Tuesday, I already wrote about, it was all about M, or so it seemed, and she wants to keep in that way. And there was a pub quiz night for me, Al, and S. :-) And squash for C and R.

Wednesday, quiet for me. I needed to recover a bit from all of the driving around I am doing. But the evening was all about driving around. R to RNCM on the bus, picking her up at 8 pm, dropping her off at Explorer Scouts in Didsbury, driving to Sale to see C's friend P-J whose birthday it was. C had crocheted him a bookmark as he reads a lot. I can't find the photo of it anywhere. :-( Then back to Didsbury to pick up R and home for 10 pm.

Thursday was busy too. We missed swimming, but made it to French in the afternoon. Then home to cook tea at 3 in the afternoon. R and I cooked together which was nice. We have been doing that a lot more recently and I hope we can keep it up. We have to eat by about 4.30 on a Thursday because we head out at 5. C and R and I go to Hulme, where C plays with his friend O, and R and I go to Knit by the Sea knitting group with O's mum. Then at about 6.15 we head off, drop C at his percussion group at RNCM, take R to choir practice at the Zion, and I go back to knit for another hour or so, go pick up C for 8 pm, head home, and get to stay there for 40 minutes or so before having to go out and pick up R for 9 pm. Then home for a drink. :-)

Friday, also busy, drama at the Lowry in the morning for C and M. Jill picks them up and takes them. Then I had to join them today, as after drama, the older group were doing their presentations for their bronze Arts Award. R did hers on Stephen Fry. Apparently he is her Arts Hero! I think she was a bit nervous, but afterwards she said it went quite well, and she had some positive feedback. Of course, the most important thing was her hair, newly dyed red, looked fabulous!

Evening is Scouts for C, where R is a young leader, so I take them together. Then back to fetch C when Scouts is finished. R stays for Guides. Last night I brought C and his friend other C back here for a play and some venison sausages, then out at 9.30 to drop C home, and pick up R and Rh, drop Rh home and then come home for a drink! (do you see a pattern developing here?)

And that brings us to today. Today, the older girls are both working. S at the deli, from 10 to 7 because idiot boss sacked somebody without thinking. She also is picking up a shift tomorrow for same reason. Oh well, at least she gets paid. And R is volunteering for Oxfam. She doesn't get paid, but she does enjoy it, and comes home happy. :-)

Sorry that this is a bit like a long list, but I do need to remind myself that we actually do do stuff. I have been down over the winter, and now with a bit of snow and sunshine, I seem to be coming out of it. But I need to remind myself of all of the fun stuff we do, and how the kids are growing, and learning, and that I do things other than knit and crochet.

Speaking of which, R is knitting a bag for felting at the moment. There are no babies around to crochet for, so she is making something for herself. :-)

And that is all, as we have to go pack to go to Leicester for the weekend.


  1. OMG you put me to shame and make me feel VERY're all so busy being out and about! Sounds lots of fun though!!! We don't do half as much as you guys, mind you we live in the middle of nowhere and I try not to go into town more than a few times during the week if I can help it.

  2. It is amazing how many days can pass by with us seeming to do nothing. It is only when I talk about it, or write about it that it seems we are doing ANYTHING! Actually, it is the kids who do all the stuff, I just taxi!


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