Baby stuff, Brownies, Biology and Backgammon

I am beginning to feel that the end of morning sickness may be in sight. I have had a couple of not being sick days in a row, and actually managed to cook yesterday. And had the energy to play a few games of draughts and backgammon. It was nice to play games, and go shopping with R for tea and to cook together, as I haven't had the energy to do anything. I feel terrible that I have been ignoring them all, and guilty that Al has had to do all the washing, shopping, cooking, etc., around the house for weeks. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks, I will get to that phase where I can be excited and have fun with preparations, and knitting lots of little things.

M had a wonderful Easter weekend. She went away on her first Brownie camp from Friday to Monday! She came back saying she had the BEST TIME!!!! And there were lots of others who like High School Musical, too!!!! It is funny watching her, as my youngest, growing up so suddenly. She is nearly 10, getting independent, filling out in a prepubescent kind of way, and here I am, going to go through it all again with another baby!

R has also decided that she does want to do more structured stuff, and has had out the GCSE books. She has got Al to sit with her and do Maths in the evening, and I think she is feeling both stupid and proud. She wants to be better at Maths, and sometimes puts herself down, but she is working at it now and seeing some progress, which makes her feel good. I hope. It is nice to be able to watch yourself improve at things. She has mentioned that she wants me to do Biology with her, but for now, we are settling for lots of backgammon. :-)


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