Outings Galore

So we have had a few outings, especially with my mother visiting from the States. We didn't go out that much while she was here, as her health isn't as good as it has been in the past. And most of those we did go on, required lots of sitting on benches. :-(

First, we took C and M to the Ness Botanical Gardens. They were having a special event with the Save Our Bees campaign, and I was quite impressed with all that was put on for the families. C and M did a honey comparison taste, and a nature trail quiz, and the bee waggle dance, and did pictures for a mural, and planted some bulbs and plants that are flowering in the green house! It was fantastic!

Naturally, I forgot to take my camera. And believe me, if you had seen C do the waggle dance, you would be terribly sad that I didn't get that on film!

We also had a quick trip to Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens. That is one of my mother's favourite places to see when she comes for a visit. Unfortunately, all of the lovely tulips weren't up yet. But she did get some family photos, which is what she really wanted.
However, this is my favourite photo. M had run off to explore, so no surprises there. And I was sitting up on a bench with my mother as she can't manage the steps, but the others all went for a walk around the lovely gardens. S would probably want me to point out that R is standing on a step there. She isn't really that much taller than S! This is something they talk about all the time, who is tallest, or who will be tallest, or who should be tallest. I am very sympathetic. I just point out that none of them have caught up with me yet.

We had a nice, but expensive day at the Blue Planet Aquarium as well. R loved the reptiles and amphibians. M loved stroking the Rays, and C seemed to enjoy everything. Although we were all impressed with the sharks.

We haven't been doing much else as I haven't been feeling very well. Rather surprisingly, I am pregnant again. I am feeling very sick with it, so although we are doing our usual activities, I am not really organising anything extra. Except for the trip to the Velodrome we did last week. And an Art workshop. And Al and I going to Cypres in a couple of weeks to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary. Except for the exceptions!

M is gearing up for her first Brownie camp this weekend. She cannot wait, and has Granma to thank for the £60 to send her. £60 is a lot compared to what I pay for Scout camp, but then again, I have to say I am looking forward to a peaceful weekend. So maybe it is worth it. :-) I will get to sleep a lot, and hopefully have people bring me food when I need it. Although I can't really stomach much these days. I am looking forward to the middle bit, where I will feel all blossomy and earth motherish, and I will get lots of knitting done. Unless I am too old to feel that way this time round. :-)

That is all for now. But I am thinking smugly of those friends who have not bothered to reply to my invitation to read my blog. Ha! They don't know I am having a baby yet!


  1. Congratulations - thats wonderful news and sooooo exciting :)

    Gorgeous family pictures - beautiful family you have!!

    The bee exhibit sounded great - can't wait to get my bees out of winter storage and watch them FLY!!! :)

  2. Thank you so much Jane. I am sorry for being so bad at keeping in touch. I have spent the past few weeks laying on the sofa, feeling sick and lethargic, so haven't done much of anything. I had a quick look at your blog last week, just quick enough to see how much I have missed!
    It sounds like you had a nice time with grandparents in England. Funny that my mother was visiting at the same time!


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