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Thought I would actually post something about our educational achievements. :-) We had a meeting with the LA last week, not our family, but lots of families talking over policy, but still it gets me thinking. We have been home educating for so long, that we just do what we do, and don't have to think about it anymore. But sometimes it does make me feel good to think about things, even if I am far to busy and important to write about them. :-)

Because things are so chaotic with the building work going on, and me being pregnant, and Al being away in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago, and S being away in Portugal, then Bristol, then Cheshire, and now Kent (Hesfes), I don't suppose things have been normal.

C and R have had several showcase performances. C did Youth Beat, playing the congas with the Singing group at the RNCM. The same show saw R performing with her musical theatre group for the second half of the show. It was really fabulous! I was thoroughly impressed. And it was nice because quite a few of R's friends came to see it as well, and one wants to join the group now!

They also had their Showcase performances with the Manchester Music Service, again at the RNCM - R last Monday with the Manchester Girls Choir, and C on Friday with the Soul Choir. Plus C and M's home ed drama group put on a little end of term show for us last Friday. The whole show was actually quite impressive. The kids all seemed to be really into it, and all clear and confident about what they were doing! Certainly a change from previous years. Impressive!

With the builders in the house, we went to stay with friends. First to Martine's , then to Jill's. While we were at Martine's we went to an ancient burial mound called Belas Knap. Didn't have the camera, so go to Martine's blog to see the photos. And please note the lovely turquoise summer top that M is wearing, which I crocheted from some Louisa Harding Nautical Cotton from Martine's local yarn shop in Shipston. What a lovely place!

We were at the Velodrome last week as well.
Here is R very happy to be wearing her helmut.

And then zooming away...

Here is M having a rest, watching somebody else zoom away, who I had just failed to get in the frame...And C zooming ever so cautiously behind another blur, which I think is his friend L.
It was rather frustrating to not be able to get any good photos. My camera does have an action photo option, but you cannot use the flash with it, so any indoor photos don't turn out. My options were focused darkness, or blurry twilight.

But I guess it was a good time. R complained that she didn't actually want to go, but then was pleased to have done the fastest lap. Of course, I contest that she ever said she didn't want to go again as I can't imagine me forcing her to go to something I actually have to pay for!

Today was singing, which I just remembered, I didn't pay for. (Must pay Jill.) It was quite good. It was the first time in a few months where I have had the energy to sing. I have been so anaemic and lethargic and breathless for the past couple of months, so it was good to be able to last the whole class. C and I have been singing a couple of songs rather a lot since then, not too well, I might add, but very energetically. :-) California Dreaming and another one which I don't know the name of but sounds like a civil rights spiritual. 'Ain't gonna let nobody turn me...'

But the big news is, tomorrow we may have a flushing loo. :-)

I guess that wasn't really about educational achievements, but fun stuff. Pity the whole world doesn't think they are synonymous.


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