An actual outing?!

We have been quite busy, but not particularly doing anything over the summer. Well, the kids have done summer school and workshops, but I have just been resting, and driving them around, or so it seems.

We did have a lovely day on Tuesday. Caroline posted on Madcow that she was heading off to Tatton Park, and would anybody like to join her? So we did. Took me a while, as I needed shower, and had to send C to buy peanut butter and hummus as we had nothing for a picnic. But off we went, and actually managed to find them in the throngs of summer holiday families. Maria was there too, who I haven't seen for ages.

It reminded me of all the fun we used to have when they were smaller, or at least when my older ones were smaller. They played in the trees, had ice cream, found huge sticks and logs that they wanted to bring home, lost shoes, found them again, went for a walk to see the deer, and just played. Nobody wanted to leave.

I just had C and M, which was great for them. Must get back in the habit of going out with them, as R will increasingly be doing her own thing. What a lovely day it was!


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