A trip to Leicester

Of course we did go to Leicester last week to stay with friends. That was a wonderful time. Pam took care of me very well, and M played with B, and C got to play some games, play Alfie's old electric guitar, and see Conner and Zeb.

I unburdened myself on poor Pam, and didn't do any cooking or washing up, and came home feeling a bit better about things. I am still feeling ungainly, and tired, but not completely horrible, and I may be looking forward to this baby being born a bit more, rather than just looking forward to not being pregnant anymore.

Other than that, we had a picnic at Bradgate Park, where the deer come much closer to you than at Tatton Park, and the kids had a great time as well. There was a stream to play in, and a cliff to climb, and ice cream to be eaten. I had cake. Boy, did I have cake. Coudn't decide, so Pam and I shared a variety. Yummy!


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