Better get back to this

Since this blog was really for my own benefit, it has sort of fallen by the wayside. Of course, not having a computer for a couple of weeks means that I have missed it. I suppose I am too busy actually doing things to sit down and write about them, never mind that this comes way down on things I want to do, so often I will get distracted before I get to it.

And right on cue, A starts to wake up...

The most important thing at the moment seems to be helping R. She has passed her Silver Arts Award, YAY!!! and applied to college. She wants to do Photography, but they may not take her and make her do a lower level course, First Diploma in Art and Design which is GCSE equivalent apparently, but does not have a photography module. She has applied to Trafford and no other colleges, as she plans to go there no matter what they let her take.

The Photography is a National Diploma which I am sure she would be good at, but she won't have her 5 GCSEs at C or above. She is doing exams in Maths and English in June, and has the Arts Award, so she should have 3 GCSEs. She sent in a letter with her application explaining the situation and included a CV which lists loads of her activities and leadership roles, so hopefully the will see her potential and not her exam history.  She isn't much for academic working though, I don't suppose she can see the point. She is, however, learning loads about photography, researching photographers for her English presentations, going to exhibits, playing with digital stuff on the computer, and using the 35 mm SLR we got her for Xmas. She is not, unfortunately,  saving any money to buy a good digital camera. I said we would pay half, but she would rather fritter her money away on coffees, caffiene drinks and accessories from HnM.

Off to wake C and M for swimming, and see to lovely baby. :-)


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