This term, we are mostly...

Well, I am mostly doing things with M and A. C is in full teen mode, and likes it when we leave the house, and leave him to it. Although, he doesn't practice the instruments that I pay for lessons on nearly enough. He has been in guitar mode lately, and I am forking out for Drum kit and Piano lessons.

He finally managed to get over to me the idea that he doesn't want to study music. I have been looking at music courses and colleges for him for months, because he kept saying, "I just want to do Music." Turns out the emphasis was the the 'do' rather than the 'just Music.' He doesn't want to do music at college, he just wants to do it himself.

So we have agreed that I will leave him alone for another year, and then he will do some GCSEs and get off to college or something. :-)

In the mean time, M and I have Book Club, and History Group. This month is Stormcatchers by Tim Bowler and the Bronze age and the Beaker Folk.  And there was an 11th Birthday, which she completely sorted out herself, and really really enjoyed! It was a simple party and yet she was so pleased! It was a Disney character dress up party, and she wanted musical statues and pass the parcel, etc. I am glad she isn't afraid to be a little girl. Ironically, this little girl used her birthday money to buy hair dye, and I took her to get her hair cut, and now she looks at least 13. She is suddenly acting older as well - more independent. She and C are going their separate ways, and I have to help.


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