A trip to the Art Gallery

It seems sad, but I have really gotten out of the habit of going to art galleries and museums. We used to go constantly, so maybe I just had seen them enough. But since we have made the Babe's first visit to Manchester City Art Gallery, I think we will have to keep it up.

We went mainly to see the Rafael Lozano-Hemmer exhibit Recorders, which was brill! Thanks to Martine for telling me about it, since I wouldn't even have known about it, in spite of the fact that the Meister had already been to see it with friends! Which was a good thing, because she couldn't come with us.

We had lots of fun even though I was rather freaked out by the fact that it was based on our surveillance society. I didn't want to have my photo taken, or my fingerprint, but I wanted to take part.

Here are lots of photos of us enjoying ourselves, taken on my little mobile phone camera, so sorry for the not too great quality.


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