Typing one-handed while breast-feeding.

So A is now 15 months old, S is in the 2nd year of her degree, and R seems settled at college.  It is 2011, and I feel like it is a bit of a new beginning. This has been a private blog until today as I don't really think it is fair to write about my kids all the time, but since home ed is what we do, and how we live, I will carry on - trying not to embarrass them. But really by making it private, I have just ensured that nobody will read it, and I will rarely write anything. So from today, it is no longer private, and I will hopefully, be able to think about things, and why we do them, and write about our journey.

There are many things I wonder about as we go along on our home ed journey. Like why M came home the other day saying that she wanted to 'do' English and Maths. I am pretty sure somebody at one of her many groups said something about home education and now she thinks we have to. But I am going along with it, as she seems keen. The problem, of course, is that she is already way beyond knowing what she should according to the National Curriculum. I am trying to do workbooks with her, as we carry on doing things for Book Group and reading together and talking about stories and drama anyway. She doesn't see that as 'doing' English. So we are doing punctuation and grammar and spelling and penmanship, which will bore her soon. She already understands things, which she has picked up from reading a lot.

Another thing I wonder about is why people in my house do things like this.

The toilet roll fit perfectly snugly in the coke glass. But it was not easy to get out, which is a problem unless you want to drip dry. And  I found myself trying very hard to think positively...It must mean that somebody is developing their spatial awareness, testing their ability to visualize geometric shapes, etc.

Or, it just means that somebody was spending rather longer on the loo than they anticipated, and had already read the National Geographic.


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