What I have learned this week.

I have learned that we are all very happy when we have ice cream for pudding, that the Babe does get food into her as well as everywhere else when she feeds herself, and that when Emma says, "It's a lovely day, let's go for a walk," I should be slightly wary. :-)

It has been a productive week, with reading, knitting, cooking, baking, drama groups, music groups, Scouts, Guides, shopping, entertaining, all getting done. But the most amazing thing is that I have started blogging again. :-)

I have been meaning to start having games nights, or family nights for quite some time. And it seems that the New Year is the impetus I need to actually do some things. So we invited a few people around last Saturday, ate curry, played games, drank wine, and planned to do it again sometime. There were a few boys who stayed at the kitchen table playing Munchkin, cards and whatever, while the teens mostly hung out in the study, but they did eventually come in to the living room to play word games and things with the adults.

My new favourite game is Telegrams, which came from the Parlour Games book that S got me for Christmas. There is a word chosen for the group, and everbody in the group has too write a telegram  whose words begin with the lettrs of that word. Some rather amusing telegrams are written. It must have been a good night, because at least one child said, "Can we do this every week?" I was thinking once a month.

We also have done the opticians this week, which was an educational visit. We learned that we could put the baby in the umbrella stand, and she would enjoy it.

Yesterday at drama Emma convinced me that we should go for a walk. Which was a good idea, because I have been to Pilates three times this week, and need to keep my joints working, in order that they keep working. :-) So off we went, with three kids, one dog, and a babe in a backpack. You will see neither the Meister, nor the dog in any photo, as we didn't see much of them on this walk.

It started off nice. Although I didn't read the map properly, and was not quite prepared for the 412 steps we would need to climb up and down on the way there and back again. That's 824 steps. Emma's knee and my hip only just survived, but at a rather slower pace than the kids, which necessitated some panic on behalf of the other walkers, when the sun had set, and most of us were back at the car, and we still could not find the Meister or the dog. All was well in the end, as Emma found them at the same time I went off to get the wardens. There was a beautiful sunset, and the late return meant Coop pizzas and chocolate cake for tea, so quite a few people were happy. And we were back in time for Guides, so no need for worry really. :-) 

Here are some photos of the baby feeding herself, since she won't let anybody else feed her anymore. Which means I spend a lot of time cleaning the table, the floor, the high chair, and the Babe herself. :-) But I have also been changing some interesting nappies, so I know there must be quite a bit of food getting into her.

I have also learned this week, that I need to start packing food for the Babe to munch while the Meister and the Boy are at home ed drama. She spent 2 hours on Friday morning scrounging food from everybody. Fig rolls, crisps, Hula Hoops, cucumber, and whatever else she could lay her hands on got eaten. I shall endeavour to be better prepared. Again.


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