How can we be so busy, and yet accomplish so little?

Book club was yesterday, and history club today, and we haven't really prepared for either. The Meister managed to nearly finish the book, but we couldn't read together as we haven't had the time. I am wracking my brain, trying to remember what it is that we have been doing, but very little comes to mind.

There have been a couple of sleepovers, some DandD, a piano exam, and regular weekly events. There has also been a lot of cooking, baking, and making of redcurrant jelly. Ok, so the cake recipe was a learning experince, since some of the ingredients were doubled, and other weren't, and the redcurant jelly, from currants that have been in the freezer since last summer, turned out to be some very nice redcurrant cordial. :-)

I also had a nice day with the Changeling, which involved buying yarn, going into town, her taking me to a great vintage shop, and then doing a supermarket shop. It was the being together bit which was really nice.

Have to get to History now. Charles I, and the run up to civil war, and very little homework actually done.


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