Just an idea...

I have this idea, that since I am only officially home educating two kids at the moment, that we might try to do some structured work. I don't mean following a curriculum kind of work, although we may be doing that since The Boy has decided he wants to do Maths and Physics GCSEs next year.  But I want to share a lot about English and History and Geography that I enjoy. I think that not having the car means that I am just focusing on doing things at home more. Also, if the Boy is to have fewer Music lessons, we will have to fill in that time with something. :-)  I have a little general plan (It's good to have plans, as my friend Jill says, knowing that things never go according to them) that includes, English and Maths and what would be called Social Studies in America.

The English is really more of book club with The Meister - we are really enjoying reading The Nation by Terry Pratchett at the moment, and some things like poetry and stories. She is memorizing a couple of poems, so am I for that matter, and I think the Boy will as well. He already has Jabberwocky down, and Disobedience is usually recited pretty accurately.  :-) The Meister has chosen something by Robert Frost and another by Edna St Vincent Millay. We are also looking at some others with a view to discussing things like imagery, metaphor and simile, which she seems to already know. I just want her to have the literary vocabulary. She is already saying that she wants to do separate Language and Literature GCSEs. I think she is going to be an expensive one.

I guess the Maths will be pretty straightforward, although I plan to have lots of puzzles and logic in there as well. :-) Tarquin publications are good for some of that. And of course, we will continue with History Club. We did a good bit on Britain's loss of America last time. But with me being American, it was more from the point of view of John Adams, than of George III. :-)  And I have bought the John Adams DVD and will be coercing her into watching it. I told it would be like West Wing, but a couple of hundred years earlier. :-)

And we are reinstating Science Wednesdays, except it will probably be Science Thursdays, since that is the only evening that they don't  go out to other activities. 

Of course, in order to get them to do any of this, they have to stop having such active social lives. These poor isolated home educated kids...How will they make any friends?


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