A little too much freedon...

I find the older kids are organising themselves a lot of the time. I am being left on my own with the Babe, which I have to get used to. I forget that toddlers need entertaining, and that I cannot expect to get anything done. I am really pleased that the older kids are doing so much, but then we don't get anything done at home. Maybe that is one reason I am doing the 'lessons' a little bit more. It actually gives us a structure and and leads us on to talk about other things. And it is stuff I like to do, and want to share.

So I have a little too much freedom from the older ones; no running them around in a car we don't have (we did used to have some great conversations in the car) and not so much time together, as they are heading to their activities themselves. I am pleased that they are growing up. :-)  It would mean lots of knitting time, or time for a job, if I weren't busy watching the adorable Babe grow up now.


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