Roll on summer...

I say roll on summer because time of year is usually crazily busy with end of year or end of term things going on. I am usually ready for a break anyway, but here we are again. At least we had a bit of a break (see other blog)  Unfortuneately, it meant the Meister had to forego a few things. Book club,  history club, Zion Young Performers, 3 or 4 workshops in preparation for the Manchester Day Parade, and home ed drama, which her brother missed too, along with Scouts. But I do believe it was worth it.

Luckily, History club was rescheduled and we got to do the Roaring 20s. Very fun making a flapper type dress, and learning the Charleston, while reading about Britain's industrial decline, the General Strike of 1926 (once again topical) and the Stock Market Crash in the US in 1929. We were both sad to miss book club, since the book this month was My name is Mina by David Almond. Luckily, we know several people who have read it already so we still get to talk about it. And the Meister got a signed copy for taking part in a live interview with the author organized by the Zion Arts Centre. (As much as anything is organized there, as they are so disorganized!) The important thing for us, is that The Meister and her friend enjoyed themselves...just a shame there weren't any other kids there. :-(

Other big things...The Changeling has a job. She has finished her first year of her college course in Photography and is working for the summer for a photographer. She got 7 Distinctions and 2 Merits, which is pretty damn good. :-) And I think she is motivated to keep working hard. (Except for the hangover she has today) :-o

Also, the Boy has turned 15. For some reason, this seems a very big deal. He has so grown up in the past few months. He now spends all of his time with musical instruments, unless he is fitting in the occassional game of Magic or DnD, or helping me out, which he does a lot. :-) The big birthday present was a banjo, which he had asked for relentlessly for several weeks. Thanks to Hobgoblin, and with a contribution from Grandad, we managed to get a decent 2nd hand one. I am quite enjoying the sound of the banjo in the house, and hoping he doesn't forget to practise his piano!

The Babe has been seen in the company of smaller babes, and I now realize that she is a toddler. She is looking like a real person, and is very good at letting us all know what she wants or doesn't want, even without the aid of language. Still breast feeding, but not so much with the sleeping! Or so it seems. :-)

The Meister is getting all political, protesting the cuts in Chorlton, as well as getting all theatrical with the Manchester Day Parade. She and other home educators can be seen here!

Home educators growing the future! (That's what it says on her back.)

This is the Recyclops, who came to our rubbish ridden world, and started eating all the trash, and turning it into fertilizer and, in her pooh! She was lovely! Thanks to Emma and Sophie and their hard work. Apparently, they are up for it next year, which I really don't understand. :-o


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