I knew it would end like this...

But still I spent the obligatory 3 weeks in September trying to organise exams and/or courses for one of my home ed teens. They Boy wanted Maths and Physics. We are doing the Maths at home, and almost got him onto Physics GCSE at Trafford but for the funding question. Trafford don't have the money, Manchester are willing to get it, but only in the census for EHE kids for next year. Oh well. Aquinas can't take under 16s anymore, so no English either, and finances mean no IGCSE English with either Little Arthur or Catherine Mooney. Maybe next year. But having spoken to the Boy about all of this, he is ok with it. He is enjoying Maths, and is doing at least one extra music exam (Rockschool Grade 5 guitar as well as ABRSM Grade 5 piano) and maybe we will look at a Theory exam as well.

I am so tired anyway, I don't know how I would fit in anything else. They seem to be busy all the time. Always doing things. Always reading. Always rehearsing. So we are settling into the routine of a new 'school' year. The Meister has added Zion Young performers and junior Soul Choir to her other things, and the Boy is carrying on with many of his things. He has gone back to MMS guitar and is doing Orchestral percussion with the Manchester Wind Orchestra as well as Soul Choir, African drumming, and Soul Band.

I am just rambling as I have a few minutes to write. But I haven't really thought about what to write. So rambling it is, and a reassurance that things are happening. Museum tomorrow. And swimming. And Scouts.

But first, a good night's sleep. Let's hope.


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