Not getting started...

I am rather struggling getting going this September. In spite of  having home educated for the better part of 2 decades, I still have this idea that things 'get started' in September. Actually, it is only the kids' activities that get started. And most of the time they make their own way. The Meister, The Boy, and The Changeling all sort themselves out to a large extent, and I just hang around, keeping the Babe amused and being available, should I be needed.

But this September, I am lacking energy. I have lots of ideas, but they are all in hibernation, waiting for The Babe to grow up a bit. Until then, I will read We're going on a Bear Hunt, and Dear Zoo, and we will look for Wally, and go to the park, and watch Charlie and Lola DVDs. All of which is a bit boring. (I'd rather be crocheting!) And The Babe stops me from doing things with the older two who are still being home educated. We can't play games, or go on too many outings, because we have this toddler to deal with. Which is mostly fun, but also exhausting.

I want to start an English group, but I don't think I will be able to maintain the energy needed to get going. I want to do more cooking and budgeting with the Changeling who is hoping to go to University next year, but she is so busy, she is rarely available. We aren't doing our Krampf experiments. We aren't even watching films together much, and discussing the issues they raise. Actually, we are watching films, just not getting to talk about them, as I am off to bed as soon as possible!

At least The Meister and I are really enjoying our Thursdays, thanks to Martine babysitting for us. We are doing sewing, but our days are rarely the same. We have had productive days, where we make a cushion cover or a toile in one sitting. We have had days where we go out to buy supplies, and grab a drink in the cafe. Last Thursday was great too. We sat and worked on separate things - her trying embroidery with the machine, while I was pattern cutting.  But we were listing to the National Poetry day programs on Radio 4 Extra and it was brilliant. Also well timed, as the following day, we went to and 'interactive performance' with John Hegley. 'Twas very entertaining, and has given us some ideas to get on with, as soon as I find the energy to do so.

At least Book group has started up again, with which I am trying to be involved. Freak The Mighty by Rodman Philbrick is this month's read. I really like this book. It is not too difficult, yet doesn't pander to the youthful target audience. It is not overly sentimental, and it is not superficial. I highly recommend it. We will have to try some other books by him.  I have also sorted out a shelf with young adult fiction that we have in the house. My goal is to get Meister and Boy to choose from this shelf, and then for us to discuss the book. Unfortunately, they are already reading so much, that we haven't gotten anywhere with that. Warhorse, Ender's Game, and Neverwhere (Michael Morpurgo, Orson Scott Card and Neil Gaiman) are currently being read, so I am not going to complain. :-)


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