Oh Dear

So I have been meaning to post about the home ed things we've been doing, but instead I get to say that the Meister  has asked to go to school. Actually, she asked a few months ago, and we have talked about it on and off. I had this idea that she would go in when she was 14 to save me the drama of trying to find places for her to do courses, exams or other interesting things. But she kept mentioning it, and I sort of concurred in a 'I'm not really paying attention' kind of way. She is really settled at the moment so it has rather come out of the blue that it seems to be happening. (Although it has happened once before.)

It wasn't until I was phoning the school that I was thinking of what alternatives I could offer her, more drama groups, and English IGCSE, whatever. But really she doesn't have the options that the older ones had. They had a national EO scene, and lots of train journeys to camps and gatherings and friends to visit. They had access to courses that are now closed off to the Meister for various reasons. And they had a mother who was not needed by a 2 year old all the time.

Anyway, we have made the application, and are waiting to hear when a place opens up, which we are told will be before the Xmas holidays.

I am also going to college open days with the Boy. (Although going to the Access to Music open day at Abraham Moss centre today turned out to be a bit of a waste of time and energy and money since the staff didn't turn up...that will be another post!) He may, or may not, go to college in September. Wouldn't it be weird if I were at home with just a 3 year old, and not officially home educating anybody. That would be the first time in 17 years.

What shall I do with myself? I am fantasising about getting a part time job. What do you bet that as soon as I do, the Meister will want to be home educated again?


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