An odd day...

Actually, it was a nice day. Except for the weather, which was cold and wet and had rather too much hail and wind for my liking. Firstly, yesterday, 6th December, 2011, was my eldest daughter's 21st birthday. She is all grown up. And it is nice because it looks like she is enjoying her life.

And the Meister got to go to Bradford on a home ed trip to do textiles and dyeing. Cool. My idea of a perfect day. She hasn't been home yet, what with ZYP and sleepovers, but I will assume that she liked it a little, if not as much as I would have. :-)

And Al had the day off work. 

And Martine and Creature braved the weather and came to visit and drink tea.

The thing that made the day odd was that we were contacted twice the LA: once to tell us that a place has opened up at the local high school, and the Meister may be starting Monday, or she may be starting after Christmas: and the other contact  was a letter from the LA asking about our home ed provision. odd day, and I am not sure how I feel about it all.


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