I have just waved the Changeling off to her final university interview. This one is down in Bristol where her big sis already lives. I seem to have realised that the way to get her to calm down, is to panic myself. ;-) Just realised this as she was panicking, so when I joined in, she calmed down. I wonder if I should try over-reacting to things as a way to get them to deal in the future?!

She has been working and going to college in the days, and babysitting for a couple of nights this week as well. Having been to Barcelona with college, she is now trying to earn some money to save for university (excluding the stuff she will spend on this trip to see big sis...oh yeah, and go to the interview.) So having been at college on Thursday and Friday, and having evening commitments as well, and working all day yesterday then going babysitting until midnight, she decided to pack and prepare for her trip when she got back. Midnight. Thirty. Or maybe 1am. That was when she was reminded that she was supposed to prepare a project and brief for the interview.

So a minor panic, with which her little bro helped (as he had stayed up to make sure she got home ok!) I was in bed, so missed all of this. I was only part of the morning, "I need a bigger bag, rucksack, suitcase!" panic while the previous panic was being described to me. Oh dear. 

It may have not helped that the clocks went forward as well. And her train leaves and 8.30 am. And she has to get a bus at 7.20 to get to the train station. And she has had about 3 hours of sleep. And she hasn't had any breakfast. And I kept going on about her bare legs looking cold (well, I guess I am a middle aged mother.)

So what has any of this to do with anything? Well, I have a strangely satisfied feeling, that my kids are going to be alright; that they can take care of themselves and each other; that maybe they can deal with things that life throws at them. All that sticks in my mind now that she has gone, and everybody else is asleep and the house is quiet, is two things. Her parting words were, "Ya know Mum? I'm just gonna wing it..." And the fact that her 15 year old brother was there to listen and help her calm down last night (or early this morning.) It isn't the first time that has happened. And it seems that they are nice enough people to each other and that maybe somebody was listening to me say for all those years, "Every problem has a solution" even if wasn't me.

Confidence and kindness. What more could a mother hope for?

Sentimental moment over. I've still got 2 more to worry about.


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