Since I have had a pretty good day...

digging and sowing and planting...I can admit that I have been feeling a little bit lost lately.  I don't want to go on about it, but I have been a full time parent for over 21 years, in spite of the occasional degree, course, or part-time job. For most of those years, since my eldest was 4, I have been a home educator. At the moment, I have 2 children who are past compulsory education age, 1 who has chosen school, 1 who is too young for compulsory education age, and 1 who has about 3 months left of being officially home educated, before heading off to play music at college. Come the summer, and I won't be home educating anyone - officially.

I think I shall always be a home educator deep down - and a certain type - the old hippy type who believes in children's freedom, and taking care of each other and the planet, carries around Arnica and Rescue Remedy, and tries (too hard sometimes) not to get caught up in worries and fears. (Although as I get older, and more tired, I think a life of conspicuous consumerism would be fun, if only for a few weeks.)  But things are confusing for me at the moment, and I am wondering about getting a job, or doing another academic thing, or building up a new home ed network to carry on life with the Babe. So I know I have been writing a lot about changes this year, but it is only March, and there are more changes to come, and I just thought I would admit to being a bit lost.


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