Not home educating

It occurred to me on Monday, as I went 10 pin bowling with The Boy and the Babe and several other home educating families, that I am actually not home educating anymore. For the first time since December 1994, I am not officially home educating anybody. That is because The Boy turned 16 last month, and then came the last Friday in June after his 16th birthday, which marks the end of compulsory education for him. [It also marked the end of my nagging him as his Maths exams are finished and he has to give up piano lessons (sadly) because we just cannot afford them anymore. So I won't be nagging about the scales and apreggios  either.  I will just enjoy the Chopin he is learning, as it is one of my favourite pieces.]

The Meister is in school for the time being, and the Babe isn't old enough to be 'official.' :-) So I am not actually home educating. Of course, this doesn't really mean anything, as our lives continue pretty much as usual. We talk about things, sing songs, read books, bake cakes, and lately, go to the park with little ones to have picnics in the sunshine - and in the rain too.  I am already making plans for September, though, as The Meister has expressed a desire to return to the fold, after the end of term. She finishes school on the 20th July, and we head to Hesfes on the 21st.

So there is that to enjoy this summer, and Buzz camp with Guides, and maybe camping in September with some other families, and who knows what else. Probably lots of weeding at the allotment. Maybe a barbeque or two. And the Big Girl's Graduation from Bristol university which is coming up soon as well. I have just booked the car. It seems somehow significant that I will be attending the university graduation of my eldest daughter, before the youngest is even compulsory education age. But really, I am just looking forward to the day, and getting to take her and her boyfriend out to dinner, and having a nice grown-up time.


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