Back to home ed?

So the Meister decided to be home educated again. School finished on the 20th July and I took the dereg letter in that day. Haven't had confirmation yet. But do keep getting letters from the school about attendance and her full report and things.
The day after the end of term, we headed off to Hesfes. It was really weird for me since I have not been for several years. I think 2005 in Charmouth was the last time I went, although my eldest daughter continued to go for a few years.
The site was disappointing, although the weather was fab. It raised a lot of issues for me, about how I want to parent and what I am able to tolerate as I get older and slower. :-)  So I am struggling a bit and trying to figure things out in between periodic highs getting excited about all the things we are going to do - art and English and drama and horse riding and socializing and bike riding and more - and then we just disagree and have arguments. :-) So normal life I guess, but it is different for each of the kids, and I am still figuring one or two of them out and they change and grow.


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