Unexpected fun

Yesterday was a good day. I wasn't expecting it to be, but it turned out to be pretty damn good. I like it when that happens.

I took The Meister to meet some friends and to do a workshop at the Manchester Museum. I thought I might potter around with The Babe for a bit. The Meister had a good time at the workshop, which was about genetics and dog breeding, and since I had forgotten that the Museum doesn't open until 11am on Mondays, I planned to head home with The Babe and get some English done with The Boy.

We said good-bye to everybody and headed outside, where little one found lots of things to interest her, leaves, ladybirds, fences, concrete steps, railings, windows, flowers, a garden hose, space, running, jumping, looking, chatting, and smiling. So we didn't get very far. In fact, we played around outside the Museum doors for so long, that eventually it opened, and we decided to have a potter around as first planned.  

Now, I haven't been to the Museum lately. I last wrote about  my disappointment with it last year. So this time we avoided the Living Worlds bit and just went to look at live frogs and snakes and lizards. That turned out to be great and we saw a monitor running around more than we have ever seen any of the reptiles or amphibians move since we started going to this museum 20 years ago and there was a caiman, some axolotl,  and some fish. This one monitor just went around and around and climbed and crooked its neck amusingly, and seemed to be looking at us, too.

We saw several frogs of varying sizes and colours and activity, the chameleon, a gecko, some lizards, and crickets and a tree python.The Babe thought it all rather wonderful. The tadpoles were most excellent as well. And were recognized thanks to the recent reading of a book about frogs, and a new DVD of the old programme Come Outside with Auntie Mabel and Pippin. They tell us all about tadpoles and frogs. :-)

But then we had to go to look at other things. I was led around by The Babe. We saw the huge Asian Elephant skeleton and its tusks, and the carved tusk in the next gallery. We had to go back and forth several times while she looked at them both again and again. We saw the sperm whale skeleton and the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton and we looked for bird skeletons and we noticed that they all had ribs, and we felt The Babes ribs, and pointed out that all the people we saw had ribs too. Apparently, The Babe has muscles as well. :-)

We saw some African masks which will probably lead to us doing some papier mache masks at home. And some figures with big boobs, which was pointed out in a big voice. 

We missed the Born and Bred exhibition and the Alan Turing exhibition which I quite want to see, but I imagine those are for trips without a little one toddling along. Although, the point of this is that she is coming out of toddlerdom, and getting a bit more interesting. We chatted a lot yesterday and had a good time. And for me, it was nice to get that time with her, as most of my life has turned into just trying to keep her occupied while I accomplish other things.

I imagine the the future holds some fun, as well as some more trips to the park, and arguments about too many biscuits, and walking in any direction other than the one specified.

Oh yeah, and then came home and did some English with The Boy. And watched Auntie Mabel and Pippin. And had a nap. :-)


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