We seem to be on a roll...

A last minute addition to our weekly schedule yesterday was a trip to The Edge Arts Centre  to see Handa's Surprise. Granted, I did only phone because I had an email saying that adults were free when you paid for the child's tix,  and it turns out that that wasn't the case. But it was £11 well spent as the show was enchanting! We are still singing and talking about it! I will be keeping an eye out for more from Little Angel Theatre.

Handa's Surprise is one of my favourite stories, although funnily enough we never had the book. We just got it from the library and saw it on Rat-a-tat-tat. We do still have some other Eileen Brown books which have been favourites as well; In a Minute, Wait and See and Through my Window. I think I will have to get them out for The Babe. In a Minute was one that my eldest could really relate to!

The rest of our week here is planned as well. We have a trip to the park and we have to do some mask making, and a Halloween party coming up. I'll have to fight to fit in my naps...

But don't worry, The Meister is still around. Two Museum workshops, Maths, Drama, horse riding....do you think she will allow me to drag her to the park as well?

And another phone call from the school we deregistered her from in July....I think I feel a snotty letter building up.


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