What I would like to do every week with The Babe is:

1 Picnic in the park (with friends)
2 Go to the library
3 Bake something
4 Have a play bath together (not with friends)
5 Go swimming (with friends)

It is funny how this seems really like a small list - and yet I sometimes fail completely.

We also read lots of books and go riding on her new balance bike, do puzzles, play games, go shopping, do painting, draw pictures, dance, and play with play-dough. We occasionally go to art galleries or museums or for walks along the Mersey.

But still it feels like I don't do that much with her. I still feel like I spend a lot of time trying to keep her busy so I can get on with other things that need last night's dishes.  So how can I feel that we are so busy all of the time, and yet accomplish so little?

Oh yeah, there are other family members as well, plus the many Pilates classes I have to go to just to be able to function. :-)

But today we have managed a splashy bath and some cookies. So am actually feeling good - just wondering why we don't manage it more often...when it is so damn fun!


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