Well, whadya know?

Remember me talking about that damned English GCSE (or rather IGCSE)? Well I was hoping he would pass. He has. Apparently he got an A*. I am awaiting confirmation in the post. Because how could he get an A*, having never done English formally until the age of 16, about 3 months before he took the exam? And let's keep in mind that by formal English lesson, I mean doing stuff from the syllabus book with your nagging mother. :-) Maybe once or twice a week, except for the three weeks around Xmas, and all those times he had gigs, and was just too busy.

This may say something about how marvelous The Boy is. Or how daft the exam system is. Or that having interesting conversations with kids teaches them all sorts.

But I think it is obvious the real the lesson here is that nagging pays off.


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