Home education is... 1

...riding your bike through the cemetery.

Once a week the little one goes to Wood School. Recently she has been cycling herself instead of me taking her in the trailer. It is about 2 miles and takes us about 40 minutes. There is a lot of stopping and walking bikes across busy roads, and avoiding glass, and having drinks, and taking off and putting on of jackets, and looking at very small things on the pavement.  On the way home, she likes to ride through the cemetery. 

Yesterday we took our time. We were in there about 45 minutes, reading headstones and memorial benches, looking at headstones that look like books or scrolls, looking at angel statues and Mary, Mother of God statues, and the War Memorial and the colourful flowers. 

Education for our family has often centred around conversation. Yesterday we talked about war, Christianity, death, where babies come from, and how not to have babies because she thinks women are the unlucky ones. :-)  "Is Jesus real?" "Hilda Joyce is a nice name." This was while reading the grave of a 6 year old who had died. After a very brief discussion of how she must have been sick, "Hilda rhymes with Tilda!" "Which flowers are the nice smelling ones?" "I am going to show you the scroll one!" And she did.

We were an hour late getting home, but that is ok, because the Boy had put the pork belly in the oven. :-)


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