Learning Loss - apparently this is a bad thing, so I hope you all remember the Quadratic Equation.

So I was listening to Mariella Frostrup on Radio 4 this morning talking about the summer holidays and learning loss. Is that really a thing?  Because it seems to me that if you forget stuff in only 6 weeks of holidays then either you were not taught very well, or you have no reason to use the information they are providing you with at school.

I would like to hear about all the great things kids can learn in the holidays. Like how to regulate their own bodies, and how high to climb a tree, and about their friends' and neighbours' trips to other places, and how quickly you have to eat an ice lolly on a hot day.

But apparently, parents are being told to basically home school their kids in the summer in order to prevent learning loss. Well, why don't they just do away with the school anyway?!


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