Taking an Interest

So this was going to be all about how excited I was to find some of the old episodes of Look and Read on Youtube.  In the 80's and 90's the BBC had excellent television programming for schools. These days, audio visual resources are all about using the internet and interactive whiteboards and a lot of things which in my opinion keep the brain too active to actually soak up much actual information. I watched a lot of these wonderful programs with my older kids throughout the 90's and into the noughties and I really miss them.

Words and Pictures
The Experimentor
Look and Read
Magic Grandad
Stop Look Listen

Channel 4 had some good ones as well, Rat-a-tat-tat  and Book Box come to mind.

There were so many I can't remember them all. But it is fun to go all nostalgic on this site!

And it is really exciting to watch them again on Youtube. I introduced the Little Miss to Look and Read yesterday - Spywatch to be exact - and she is impressed. We have already watched all 10 episodes.

But the reason I have titled this post 'Taking an Interest' has to do with what we have been doing since watching the thrilling final. We have been Looking and Reading. :-) Of course. There are all sorts of little hints and games that they introduce to those watching, and she has just eaten in all up. Which means I have as well.

On the bus today on the way to climbing class, she was reading every single word she could see and we were looking for words within words. The thing about taking as interest is that if I enjoy doing something with her, then she usually enjoys it too.
King is in the No Smoking sign.
Top in the word Stopping.
Emerge in the Emergency Exit sign. ( I was really impressed with that one.)
And Standing is the winner with 8 words! So far. :-)

But it has reminded me (and thank goodness because we are in the post Christmas Rut) that the children has almost always joined in things that we were doing. If I sat down to do anything, they would take an interest and want to joing in. So if I was doing calligraphy, they would come to take part. And that would be them practising handwriting and spelling. If I was doing a crossword or any of the amazing puzzles from the Krazydad website, they would want to do their own. So it is handy that I enjoy riddles and puzzles and word games and conundrums and guessing games and that sort of thing.

The things that I am interested in, they were curious about. They things that they are interested in, I am curious about.


Not Dan and Phil.

Not My Little Pony.

But from the point of view of an educator, I do think it is important the learners see that I value what it is I am teaching. Why would a kid want to do pointless tasks just because I say that someday the info they are being compelled to regurgitate may come in handy. Nope, words are important. To me. They are fun too. So are games. So I take an interest. And play games.

And I cannot wait for the next Look and Read!


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